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Course description
With additional preparation course, Calculus 1B EXTRA summer RESIT could be successfully completed. Within the individual sessions, student is explained how to solve certain exercises in a step-wise methodology. The biggest advantage is the flexibility of choice, having the opportunity to set an individual schedule, ask as many questions as wanted, and work out desired questions guarantees a good preparation shape and solving pace for the exam.  On top of that, student receives a cheat/formulae sheet with all steps that need to be taken into account for a step-by-step approach in solving the most usual exam exercises.   Consolidate your knowledge with MathMe Academy!
  • Integration
  • Integration techniques
  • Series
  • First-order differential equations
  • Complex numbers
  • Second-order differential equations

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Andrei Popovici
Andrei Popovici
Mathematics-Probability Trainer
Andrei, being a TA at the faculty of Applied Mathematics and also an Honours student of the University of Twente is our trainer for Calculus 1B.

Renat Piscorschi
Renat Piscorschi
Mathematics Trainer
Alongside taking the Honors track in Mathematics and being interested in engineering studies, Renat Piscorschi will guide students through the training course. Having remarkable experience in assisting students, and preparing them for the exams, Renat has been approved for the role of the MathMe Academy trainer. 

Serge Johanns
Serge Johanns
Mathematics Trainer
Being a student simultaneously in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, and Honours program in Mathematics is saying a lot about Serge's studying capabilities. Additionally, his eminent results at the educational level are another proof of his intelligence and learning objectives. Thus, the combination of his knowledge and huge experience in studying assures an appealing performance for the role of the course trainer.