Short Course
  • 6 training hours
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Individual Approach
  • Experienced Trainer
Long Course
  • 10+ training hours
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Individual Approach
  • Experienced Trainer
Industrial Engineering & Management
Civil Engineering
Chemical Science & Engineering
Computer science
Industrial Design Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Business Information Technology
Biomedische Technologie
Course description
With additional course preparation, Calculus 2 EXTRA summer RESIT could be successfully completed. Within the individual sessions, student is explained how to solve certain exercises in a step-wise methodology. The biggest advantage is the flexibility of choice, having the opportunity to set an individual schedule, ask as many questions as wanted, and work out desired questions guarantees a good preparation shape and solving pace for the exam.  On top of that, student receives a cheat/formulae sheet with all steps that need to be taken into account for a step-by-step approach in solving the most usual exam exercises.   Consolidate your knowledge with MathMe Academy!
  • Position, velocity, acceleration 
  • Directional derivative
  • Closed, opened, bounded regions 
  • Tangent plane & Linearization 
  • Critical points & Extreme values 
  • Polar, Cylindrical & Spherical coordinates 

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Renat Piscorschi
Renat Piscorschi
Mathematics Trainer
Alongside taking the Honors track in Mathematics and being interested in engineering studies, Renat Piscorschi will guide students through the training course. Having remarkable experience in assisting students, and preparing them for the exams, Renat has been approved for the role of the MathMe Academy trainer. 

Glenn Lang
Glenn Lang
Calculus 2 Trainer
Our course trainer Glenn Lang will guide the students and prepare them for the Calculus 2 exam. Having an appealing background in the engineering study field, remarkable performance in mathematics, and huge interest towards guiding students assured him the role of MathMe Academy course trainer.